We’re for Living Life Outdoors

We’re for Living Life Outdoors

Connecting every Queenslander to the outdoors

The new Outdoors Queensland flyer (2021)

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Connecting every Queenslander to the outdoors
The outdoors is a place Queenslanders use every day, whether to make a living, to learn or for leisure, health, lifestyle or play. The outdoors is a sanctuary that everyone deserves access to. Outdoors Queensland understands the connections that people want to make with the outdoors and wants to ensure safe and equitable access for all.

We will do this through conversations and partnerships with the outdoor industry and the residents of Queensland. We will listen to understand everyone’s hopes, expectations and concerns. Together we will identify barriers to participation and together we will help improve our health and lifestyle. Our aim is to amplify the collective messages of industry and the community. We hope to be a meeting place for all those wanting to be involved.

Outdoors Queensland makes connections between between people, communities, industry and decision-makers to facilitate mutual understanding about how to sustainably use the outdoors and find ways to overcome participation barriers.

We work towards the outdoors being understood as being incredibly valuable in creating a better and healthier Queensland. We strive for better planning and research and more partnerships and programs to help us get there.

All Queenslanders can experience the outdoors on their own terms. If you are just starting your outdoor journey, we will create pathways for you to find and connect you to the outdoors that best suits you.

When you have found your stride in the outdoors, we will help you to connect with others that can take your outdoor adventures to the next level. We identify and highlight new places and providers that can help to push your boundaries.

Outdoors Queensland is a community. We will bring together people, outdoor recreation providers, and outdoor advocates who all have one thing in common – a love of the outdoors! We are a facilitator of conversations, provide advice on best practice in the industry, and an ear to listen to concerns and to celebrate successes.

From our world-famous natural environments to our lifestyle cities, there is an opportunity for us all to commit to living in the outdoors, to challenge ourselves, escape the digital clutter of modern life, appreciate our natural environments and connect with our friends and family.

Some of us get outdoors a lot – however, many of us don’t get outdoors much at all.

We spend so much time watching television and working or playing in front of screens that we are becoming increasingly sedentary, unhappy and unhealthy.

So, it made sense to adopt Live Life Outdoors as our tagline and to encourage more people to get outdoors more often and live their lives to the fullest.



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