COVID Safe Plan Updated

COVID Safe Plan Updated

COVID Safe Industry Plan for Outdoor Education Providers.

Posted on 20.04.2021

The Chief Health Officer has approved requested updates to the COVID Safe Industry Plan for Outdoor Education Providers.

I have considered and approve the amended COVID Safe Industry Plan for Outdoor Education Providers. This approval may be subject to change if the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No. 18) is amended or revoked.
Dr Jeanette Young, 16 April, 2021

There are number of important changes which will mean Outdoor Education Providers will be able to more easily accommodate and cater for multiple groups and allocate staff more efficiently.

The new plan, Version 18, is available from both our COVID Safe Plans webpage and on the government COVID-19 website. Here is a summary of the key changes:

Page 8: Co-mingling
Multiple client groups may attend the program and/or venue with prioritisation of management of client groups to limit co‐mingling/cross‐contamination for the duration of the program/stay at the venue. Sharing of toilet facilities is permitted between different client groups, however sharing of shower/change room facilities is to be avoided.

Page 8: Group Leaders
At times, Group Leaders, Teachers and Support Personnel may be required to service more than one client group during a program to address issues related to fatigue, stress, staffing levels/rostering, worker training, and maintenance processes.

Page 15: Food Service
This plan provides a relaxation to the base occupant density requirement of one person per 2 square metres for school‐aged children in the outdoor education dining setting, however food preparation, cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation protocols as prescribed in the Retail Food Services Industry COVID Safe Plan for Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers or the COVID Safe Industry Plan for Hotels, Clubs, Nightclubs and Adult Entertainment must be adhered to.

Another change in the pipeline, only applicable to outdoor activities, is that there is no longer a requirement to follow an Industry Plan for Field Sports, Outdoor Sports and Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers.

However until the COVID Safe Plan for Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers is removed from the Government website, operators are advised to keep using the Plan until further notice.

Despite the change, outdoor based organisations and activities must continue to collect contact information, promote physical distancing and ensure enhanced cleaning processes are in place. Any indoor spaces that are used as part of delivering outdoor activities, such as clubhouses, canteens etc are still required to follow occupant density requirements (e.g. one person per 2 square metres) relevant to that space.

The Queensland Return to Play guide; COVID Safe Businesses and COVID Safe Events will continue to be a useful resources for outdoor recreation providers.

Note: As the COVID Safe Plan for Outdoor Recreation Activity Provider is referenced in the Outdoor Education plan, we are seeking guidance, as a matter urgency, on how this interaction will be managed when the outdoor activity providers plan is no longer required.





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