Activate! Queensland

Queensland Sport & Active Recreation Strategy 2019 – 2029

Activate! Queensland 2019–2029 is the Queensland Government’s 10-year strategy to get more Queenslanders moving, more often.

We know Queenslanders love their sport and take advantage of our wonderful environment to get out and get active.

However, research tells us many people face significant barriers that stop them from being active or playing sport, including:

  • age and health
  • disability
  • socio-economic factors
  • time availability
  • parenting commitments.

What we will do

We want to:

  • empower more Queenslanders to enjoy physical activity to improve their health and wellbeing in active communities.
  • create partnerships that maximise the impact of the government and industry actions to benefit an active Queensland.
  • inspire activity with places and spaces that invite an active lifestyle.
  • drive elite success and deliver and promote world-class knowledge and facilities.

Get everyone active

The strategy will direct investment at creating quality infrastructure and addressing barriers to participation. This will support more Queenslanders to be active regardless of age, background, gender or ability.

We want to see a rise in activity rates for Queenslanders:

  • 60% of children are active for one hour per day, up from 41%
  • 75% of adults are sufficiently active, up from 60 %.

Keep Queensland winning

The strategy will keep Queensland winning by ensuring:

  • our athletes have access to quality training facilities, coaching and support services
  • our world-class facilities continue to attract international events and provide quality experiences
  • 25% of Queensland Academy of Sport athletes continue to be selected for national teams.

Play as a team

Importantly, Activate! Queensland sees us playing as a team. If government, industry and community collaborate, it will allow us to:

  • leverage investment
  • share knowledge
  • deliver initiatives that meet diverse needs.
How we will get there

Implementing the strategy will require coordinated, collaborative effort across government, industry and the community. Partnerships with the active industry will be a critical foundation, and will have direct impacts on key initiatives.

Activate! Queensland focuses on 4 priority areas:

What’s next

Activate! Queensland will be rolled out with 3 multi-year action plans.

The first plan outlines practical whole-of-government actions across 8 key areas to enable more Queenslanders to benefit from an active life.

Our actions will gradually transition from delivering current programs to delivering more targeted initiatives in collaboration with partners.​

Download the action plan

QORF welcomes the release of Activate! Queensland by Minister Mick de Brenni, Minister for Sport.

QORF is pleased to have been involved during 2018 and 2019 in the development of this government strategy regarding sport and active recreation. Activate! Queensland is intended to shape how outdoor recreation and sport are delivered across Queensland for the next decade.

In addition to publicising the government’s community consultation process throughout our networks, QORF surveyed our community and made a written submission to that process. QORF has provided feedback to the government on the themes addressed within the strategy.

QORF President, Allana Bold said,

QORF is looking forward to working with the Queensland government and our members to implement Activate! Queensland to ensure that all Queenslanders and visitors to our state have the best possible access to outdoor activities and outdoor opportunities.

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