Sport & Active Recreation Strategy

Sport & Active Recreation Strategy

QORF’s Submission to the Sport & Active Recreation Strategy

Sport and active recreation provide opportunities to develop qualities of leadership, teamwork, effort and integrity in a fun and rewarding environment. The Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019–2029 will set out a plan for future development to ensure all Queenslanders have the best access possible to active recreation opportunities.

The Queensland Government needs our help – our feedback – so they can invest wisely to get people physically active, now and for the future.

To better inform our submission on the Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019–2029, QORF put out a simple 3 Question Survey to gather your your thoughts and ideas – the 3 key questions the Strategy is addressing and your answers have helped us craft our own submission to the Strategy.

QORF Submission

QORF supports the development of the Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019-2029 – QORF believes that the Queensland Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2019-2029 is an opportunity for the government to guide physical activity across our State.

QORF would like to take this opportunity to applaud the Queensland government for the comprehensive consultation process that has been carried out to date in this project.

Although sport and active recreation are often seen as distinct categories, these are effectively just two aspects on the continuum of physical activity. Some outdoor activities are sporting activities, and some sporting activities are outdoor activities. Mountain biking, surfing, rock-climbing and skateboarding will all be Olympic sports at Tokyo 2020, however it is confidently suggested that each of these activities has considerately more recreational participants in Queensland than they have sporting competitors.

This submission focuses on outdoor activities in general (described in the discussion paper as “active recreation”).

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