Drive Tourism Strategy

Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy

The Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy 2013–2015 (QDTS) was launched in January 2013.

The strategy was a key outcome of the 2012 DestinationQ Forum and was developed to encourage travellers to take a driving holiday in Queensland.

The QDTS forms part of the government’s commitment to restoring Queensland to the status of Australia’s number one tourism destination and will also contribute to meeting the goal of doubling overnight visitor expenditure from $15 billion to $30 billion per annum by 2020. The strategy provides a road map for government and industry to grow drive tourism in Queensland through addressing the following priority areas:

  • Understanding consumer needs;
  • Improvements to road quality, safety and maintenance;
  • Revitalisation and development of signage;
  • Development and enhancements to roadside infrastructure;
  • Growth and rejuvenation in tourism accommodation and product;
  • Increase the use of technology to better promote tourism information, experiences and attractions; and
  • Cooperative marketing and promotion.


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