Make an Award Nomination

Make an Award Nomination

We encourage you to make an award nomination – to acknowledge an organisation, an individual, a special event or program, for contribution to the outdoor sector in Queensland.

How to make a nomination!

The selection of award recipients will be based on nominations received. Please allow sufficient time to carefully read the instructions, the criteria and to develop a strong nomination. Keep your nomination succinct and to the point – help the judges quickly and easily understand why your nominee should win!

  1. Review Important Dates to ensure your nomination arrives on time.
  2. Review the Award Criteria and select the most appropriate award. Note: some awards are only suitable for an organisation.
    • Use the Which Award? tool to help identify the best award for your nomination (see below)
  3. Collect the evidence that shows your nominee meets the criteria
    • Nominee contact details
    • Your contact details
    • A photo of the nominee (or something that represents the nomination)
    • Description of the nominee – organisation, an individual, a special event or programme
    • An explanation of how your nominee meets the award criteria – review the criteria again and consider the points below
      • Achievements
      • Benefits to your organisation
      • Benefits/contribution to the wider outdoor community
      • Relationships with others
      • Professionalism and attitude
    • Collate supporting documentation*
      • Reports, results, bios, testimonials, reviews, letters, CD’s, DVD’s and images.
      • Links to websites and social media platforms are also encouraged.
  4. Go the Nomination Form and fill out as indicated.
  5. Submit! (a copy will be sent to your email address too!)
  6. Don’t forget to tell your nominee about the nomination!

* Note: Short-listed nominations will be expected to supply supporting images and/or video material that will used in making a video announcement to be shown on the Awards Night.

Need help to identify the right award?

Which Award?

Ctrl Click image to open PDF in new tab.

Please note this list is not definitive or exclusive – there are many other potential award winners that are not listed below.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Nominations are open to everybody – it is NOT only for Outdoors Queensland members.
  • You may nominate yourself or your own organisation.
  • Award nominees must be based in Queensland
  • Award nominees should be delivering content primarily in Queensland
  • Previous winners of a specific award will NOT be considered for that award for a minimum of two years
  • A minimum of three nominees are required for an award to be considered for judging. Nominees for an award with less than three nominees will be offered the chance to change to a different award.’
  • All nominations will be assessed by the Outdoors Queensland Board.
  • If a Board member is associated with an award nominee, then that member will be excluded from the evaluation process for that award. Outdoors Queensland Board members themselves are ineligible for nomination.
  • The Outdoors Queensland Board’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision or the selection process.
  • Outdoors Queensland expects that all nominees will act ethically, morally and safely in the delivery of their chosen activity/service and that any award recipient found to be in breach of this expectation will have their award revoked.

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