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South East Queensland
8:00 am
5:00 pm
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Bec Fox, Bec Fox Unleash Your Power
0407 915 300

“Thanks for the opportunity Bec and Outdoors Qld for making this high quality leadership training affordable”
David Maskell (St Joseph’s OE Camp General Manager)

This is an exceptional leadership program over 2 days. We welcome all leaders from students, emerging leaders, volunteers, sports and outdoor recreation providers and field staff to seasoned managers to come to this 2-day face-to-face workshop. Co-founded and designed by Michelle Cummings (Training Wheels & Personify Leadership USA), and delivered by Bec Fox, who is a well-known executive and Leadership Coach, and expert in Camps and Outdoor Recreation business. You can be guaranteed it will be a top quality and engaging course. Bec was invited to train with Michelle in 2024 as the first Australian Personify Leadership Facilitator to deliver this content here in Queensland! This is the second one to roll out so join in this celebration.

What the past graduates said about the course and thier highlights and key learnings:

“I loved learning about my locus of control, DISC profiles, mindset, and how to implement vision and goal setting”
“I have increased tools and awareness for difficult conversations, how to be team goal focused, mindful of other personailyt types and impactful in mine”
“Loved it Bec. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and ‘D” energy and bringing us all together to bring out our best”
“Active listening and interruptions was an excellent refresher. Also understanding my DISC profile and how that affects how I relate to others and how they see me was most beneficial”

“I can’t express how excited I am for Outdoors Queensland to lead the way with Personify in Australia! Together we can have a huge impact with this incredible program. Hard to capture it in words! I look forward to you experiencing its rich content and strategies. It’s style of delivery, content, tools, ongoing support and learnings has lasting effects in both personal life and leadership.” – Bec Fox

The point of difference is that we are engaging in our delivery. We use 5 methods in every PL workshop which includes:

  1. Experiential activities
  2. Paired, group discussions and role plays
  3. Real life case studies
  4. Current research and relevant studies
  5. Video examples of relatable leadership scenarios

Like any great recipe, it takes the right ingredients to make a masterpiece. We firmly believe that a mix of all 5 of these methods makes for an exceptional learning environment. Our differentiator is the experientials, however it’s the mix of all of these methods that translate to on the job application.

Personify Leadership is engaging in style and delivery with experientials, PPT and groups and paired discussions, along with a content rich handbook and tools to take away. It is presented with modules representing body parts. The sections include:

  1. The heart of a leader. Be a leader whose intention is to look out for the best interest of others. Purpose, research on fair play, building trust, cooperation, collaboration and the Law of Reciprocity is explored in this module.
  2. The mind of a leader. Be a leader who is emotionally resilient. We explore strategies such as stress management, locus of control and interpreting biofeedback.
  3. The ears of a leader. Communication is key. Be a leader who takes time to truly listen to others, listens to understand and identify what listening disruptors can keep us from interrupting communication. Clarification and confirmation is also explored and practiced.
  4. The voice of a leader. Be a leader who communicates a message that resonates with those who receive it. Do all your messages have clarity with the receiver? We explore strategies and tools that enhance communication, including DISC in this unit.
  5. The hands of a leader. Be a leader who provides direction and support and builds trust. Recognising strengths in others and succession planning. Delegation is often time-consuming, yet beneficial for the receiver and business when done well. Managing workloads, juggling tasks is often a core stress for leaders. In this module we explore supporting others, unlocking potential and explore many successful strategies.
  6. The feet of a leader. Be a leader who walks the talk. We explore mirror neurons, and the signals we unintendedly bring to our leadership. What signals we give off can have direct influence on our intention and results.
  7. The spine of a leader. Be a leader who is courageous in tough times and can manage conflict situations. We explore ethical dilemmas and strategies to improve sometimes difficult conversations.
  8. The eyes of a leader. Be a leader who has a vision for the future and understands business disruptors and drains on performance. We explore disruptive leadership and ability to clear the pathway for clarity, clear vision, purpose, mission, values and talent attraction. We also establish individual goals, an accountability buddy system and post-course supports.

We are offering Outdoors Queensland members a discount of 20%. The group intake is always small with participants already on the EOI. In addition, Bec is offering 3 months of free coaching after the event. We encourage you to secure your place soon.

Sports House
Yuggera Country
150 Caxton Street
Milton QLD 4064
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If you seek even more details or download a brochure, please click on Please email or call Bec for a tax invoice and discount on or 0407 915 300.



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