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Outdoors Queensland is a limited liability company administered by the Board which consists of seven members; two elected by the members, two representatives of Ordinary Members elected by the members and three appointed by ordinary resolution of the Directors.


Allana Bold
All About Paddling

Born into a family of paddlers, the outdoors has played a large and important part in Allana’s life. As CEO of the family business, Rosco Canoes, Allana played an integral part of ensuring individuals, schools, outdoor centres and government agencies have access to quality Australian designed and manufactured canoes and kayaks.

Like her dad before her, Allana has been a part of the sport’s development in Australia for over 20 years. A qualified canoe and kayak instructor and coach – educating, inspiring, equipping and nurturing other’s passion for the outdoors is fundamental to Allana’s way of life. She believes in the benefits of a holistic approach to education through the outdoors and is always aware of identifying opportunities for constant and never ending improvement for her own personal skills and development in the outdoors.

Allana now runs her own paddle coaching business, All about Paddling

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Vice President

Denise Cox
With a career in the sport and recreation industry spanning 25 years, Denise has worked in a variety of leadership roles within not for profit sport organisations, local government, international and national multi sport events, and as a consultant in sport and recreation planning. 

During this time Denise has developed skills in sport, recreation and community planning, facility development and management, event management, club development, grant writing and research.  Her role as Chief Operating Officer at Mountain Bike Australia provided the opportunity to utilise these skills working with the mountain bike community and key stakeholders to achieve a vision of more people riding off road more often.

Denise is currently the Advocacy & Infrastructure Manager of AusCycling and a Committee Member of Western Australia based charity Break the Boundary.

Denise has had a life long obsession with two wheels – she discovered mountain biking back in the early 90’s and currently subscribes to the N+1 theory.  Denise enjoys seeking out new places to ride and relishes the opportunity to travel and explore new riding destinations across Australia and overseas.


Andrew Boyle


Murray Stewart
Individual Member
Murray Stewart is a strategic, multidisciplinary administrator with an eye for innovation and a passion for the outdoors. He has worked in a gamut of locations and industries from the race department in Whistler Canada, to Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge, to Garapine Outdoor Education Centre and still struggles with sitting still in an office. Murray also possesses a Bachelor of Business and a MBA specialising in environmental management and sustainable development plus all the usual outdoor qualifications in mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, bushwalking, etc. Still a farm boy at heart Murray and his wife Natasha own a cattle property near Gympie and spend most weekends there with their 2 children. Murray’s hidden talent is an unexplained ability to aggravate horses and turn the mildest mannered pony into a rodeo bronc.

Committee Member

Ray Buchanan
Motorcycling Queensland
Racer, bike shop owner, tour operator, trailride organiser, Ray has been passionately invested in motorcycles in every possible way, since  before he shoe-horned an XR350 powerplant into a CR500 chassis as the owner of Australian Dirt Bike Wreckers almost 30 years ago.

Ray sees what’s best about motorcycling and motorcyclists like no-one else does, and as such he’s perfectly suited to oversee the QMP monolith, negotiate with bureaucracy and steer its long-term direction.  (Motorcycling Queensland)

Committee Member

Peter Gould
Scouts Queensland

Committee Member

Ross Barns



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