Queensland’s Nature-based Outdoor Economy

Queensland's Nature-based Outdoor Economy

The economic contribution of Queensland’s nature-based outdoor recreation sector

SkillsIQ commissioned Marsden Jacob Associates to conduct a study to better understand the impact of the nature-based outdoor recreation sector on Australia’s economy. A quantitative evaluation was conducted to establish a picture of this sector, covering both participation across activities and also the economics of the sector in relation to employment, expenditure, and Gross Value-Add (GVA).

The findings of the research are being released through individual reports specific to each state and territory.

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Many people in Queensland say our nature-based, outdoor oriented lifestyle is a key part of the state’s quality of life and social character. However, viewing nature-based outdoor activity merely as a leisure or lifestyle issue can obscure its economic importance.

This report shows that Queensland’s nature-based outdoor activity sector is a larger part of Queensland’s economy than most of us realise. Around $3.62 billion is spent each year on nature-based outdoor activities in Queensland. This expenditure makes a $1.94 billion contribution to the state’s economy and supports around 33,500 direct and indirect full-time equivalent jobs. Many nature-based outdoor activities support regional economies by shifting expenditure from urban to regional towns and cities and rural areas. …

Until now, an overarching and consistent picture of Queensland’s nature-based outdoor activity sector – covering participation by activity and the contribution of Queensland’s outdoors industries to our economy and communities – has been missing.

The reports establish an important body of evidence which underpins the importance of ensuring the development of a skilled workforce to support participation in nature-based outdoor activities.
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