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Industry Forums

Topics important to the outdoor sector in Queensland

From time to time, we host industry forums on a range of topics of interest and benefit to the outdoors sector.

Dates and Topics

  • Tuesday, July 9. Outdoor Therapies Mental Health Summit


  • Friday, May 24. North Queensland Mountain Bike Forum
  • March 15, 2023 Outdoors Queensland Update
  • June 21, 2022 Australian Adventure Activity Standards
  • April 26, 2022 The reconstruction/recovery of trail networks post-disaster (see report below)

If you have a topic that you think we should consider for a future industry forum, please let us know – email

The forums will generally be run on Zoom although live and/or hybrid events are also possible.
Registration will be on a forum by forum basis.


North Queensland Mountain Bike Forum

Outdoors Queensland hosted the 2024 North Queensland Mountain Bike Forum at James Cook University, Cairns.

The event was supported by Blue Sky Trails, The Cairns Institute and FNQ Regional Organisation of Councils. With a theme of Sustainable Mountain Biking, the 2024 North Queensland Mountain Bike Forum brought people together to discuss how North Queensland mountain biking embeds and embraces environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Approximately 50 people from various organisations attended the forum. Organisations represented included mountain bike clubs and other community organisations, local government, state government, schools, trail builders and consultants.

Click to download: 2024 North Queensland Mountain Bike Forum Summary



Australian Adventure Activity Standard

Australian Adventure Activity Standard

On June 21, 2022 more than 30 activity providers who plan and/or deliver outdoor adventure activities to dependent participants attended this forum to discuss the Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS)

What is the AAAS?

The Australian Adventure Activity Standard and related Good Practice Guides provide a voluntary good-practice framework for safe and responsible planning and delivery of led outdoor adventure activities with dependent participants.

Click to download the Chat/Notes and Links

The Forum discussed the importance of the AAAS to the outdoor sector, the application of the AAAS and the relevance of the AAAS to activity providers and educators.

To learn more about the AAAS go to

Trail Recovery & Reconstruction

Trail Recovery & Reconstruction

Over 40 land managers responsible for trail maintenance, trail builders, mountain biking advocates and trail enthusiasts came together on April 26 to discuss the various issues, options and responsibilities when it comes to managing damaged trails and commencing the recovery/reconstruction process. (see recording and notes below)

Trails in Queensland include bushwalking trails, MTB trails, horse riding trails, access trails to climbing crags, multi-use trails and more. All trails are susceptible to damage from flooding and/or extreme weather events.

Click to download the Chat/Notes and Links


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