Outdoors Queensland in the Media

Outdoors Queensland in the Media

COVID-19 - Easing Restrictions

Hear Dom Courtney talk about the easing of restrictions for outdoor activities in Queensland.

ABC Radio May 2
Saturday Morning Show with Kate O’Toole
Scroll through to about 1:22:00

Great Aussie Camp Out

In April 2020, QORF revitalised the Great Aussie Camp Out (GACO) for a COVID-19 stay at home Easter break – hear Dom Courtney talk about the new Great Aussie Camp Out at Home in the following interviews:

ABC Radio April 11
Saturday Morning Show with Kate O’Toole
Scroll through to about 2:41:40

91.9 Sea FM, Sunshine Coast April 11

River 94.9 FM April 11, 2020

93.7 FM April 9, 2020

NOVA 106.9 FM April 9, 2020

Expert Tips for Sustainable Tourism

We asked them: (and Dom’s answers were …)

Why is traveling sustainably an important consideration?

Australia is fortunate to have amazing places and spaces that are available for outdoor recreation, adventure tourism and travel. By travelling sustainably, each of us can do our bit ensure that these amazing spaces continue to be available.

What are some easy steps that we can collectively take as a community to encourage sustainable travel?

As a community, we should consider what activities are appropriate to undertake in certain places. We should actively consider the impacts of our travel, and minimise those impacts.

We can adopt Leave No Trace principles and set good examples for everyone else. Many people taking small steps together can make a large difference.

What are some tips to travel more sustainably for a future trip?

Travel sustainably by adopting the practise, “Take only photographs and leave only footprints.” Research the places you intend to visit, so that you understand what makes them special and what you can do to protect these special areas.

Know the possible impacts of your preferred outdoor activity, and reduce those impacts. Some activities, like horse riding, mountain bike riding, four wheel driving and rock climbing, have voluntary codes that provide more information on how to participate in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Don’t be afraid to ask a tourist operator questions about the sustainability of their operations – most tourist operators who love the outdoors will be happy to speak to you about the efforts they are making to protect their wonderful workplace.

Budget Direct, Sustainable Travel Tips

See all Sustainable Tourism Experts

Hayley Clarke
Managing Director

Fiona Harper
Communications Manager
Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Donna Lawrence
Responsible Travel Manager
World Expeditions

Patrice Fletcher
BIG4 Atherton Woodlands Tourist Park

Dom Courtney
Executive Officer

Melanie Grevis-James
Our Planet Travel

Anthony James
Executive Director
The Rescope Project

Lina Cronin
Communications and Audit Manager
Ecotourism Australia

Tim Farquhar
Eclipse Travel

An Interview with Dom Courtney

On the 11th April 2016, I did an interview with David Curnow on ABC Evenings programme, which is broadcast across Qld and worldwide via the Internet. All about QORF, what we do and what we are trying achieve.


QORF on the Great South East

An interview with Donna Little, CEO of the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF) on the richness of camping and the benefits of being in the outdoors.
Uploaded on Oct 10, 2011



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