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Review of the regulations for the management of Queensland’s protected areas, recreation areas and State forests

Posted on 14.11.2023

The Department of Environment and Science invites you to contribute to the review of the regulations for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service’s protected areas (e.g. national parks), recreation areas, and State forests.This review is done every 10 years to help ensure the regulations remain up-to-date with contemporary needs for managing these areas on behalf of the community. Complete an online survey to have your say on the changes proposed as part of the review.Consultation closes at 5pm on 6 December 2023.To complete the survey:

  • Sign in and respond to the questions (there is background information provided in the survey or as a document).
  • The survey is in 3 parts:
    • Part 1 includes some questions about you and the type of activities you do in QPWS areas.Part 2 outlines the proposed changes to the legislation. This section is arranged by theme. If a theme is not of interest to you, you can skip to the next theme in the survey. The themes are:
      • Camping and campfires in QPWS areas.
      • Using vehicles and aircraft in QPWS areas.
      • Prohibited activities in QPWS areas.
      • Permits for activities in QPWS areas.

      Part 3 provides an opportunity for you to submit any further comments.

  • Once you have submitted your response, a copy will be emailed to you.

Outdoors Queensland has completed the online survey on the review of the regulations for the management of Queensland’s protected areas, recreation areas and State forests. These regulations affect how and where we do outdoor activities, so we need to ensure the voice of the community is heard.

Outdoors Queensland supports most of the changes to regulations that are proposed in this review.

Some of the proposed changes are strongly supported – for example, the proposal to extend the maximum permit duration for commercial activity permits from 3 to 5 years, the proposal to allow commercial activity permits to be transferrable from one business to another with approval from QPWS, and the proposal to introduce on-the-spot fines for graffitiing, defacing and damaging natural resources in protected areas.

We raised concerns about some proposed changes which could have a potential negative impact (responses were strictly limited by character, so responses had to be succinct):

  1. Update camping booking rules to manage no-shows and ghost camps at boked sites by requiring campers to not leave campsites vacant/unattended for more than 24 hours unless for emergency circumstances.
    Our Response – There are times when a campsite is deliberately left unattended for more than 24 hours. On a multi-day expedition, people may leave some gear at a basecamp site, travel to more remote sites to camp, and return to basecamp days later.

  3. Aligning offences for unregistered vehicles (including motorbikes) in QPWS areas:
    Our Response – This would have a negative impact on people who are travelling with an unregistered vehicle, eg a motorbike on a trailer/ute. The proposed change means that some people would be unable to enter QPWS land even if no intention to operate the unregistered vehicle, as they may not be able to leave the vehicle elsewhere securely.

  5. Road rule consistency for e-scooters and e-skateboards in QPWS areas – proposal that Rangers could enforce Queensland Road Rules for QPWS areas for riding a personal mobility device (eg e-scooter and e-skateboard) without a helmet and carrying a passenger:
    Our Response – Need clarity on where e-scooters and e-skateboards are allowed in QPWS areas. We question whether it is appropriate to treat QPWS areas just like roads as far as e-scooters and e-skateboards are concerned. Would all QPWS tracks/trails be treated like gazetted roads. [extension of this which we did not have space to say – If someone was camping at a QPWS camping area, should they need to follow road rules to ride their e-scooter within the campground, such as to and from the amenities block?]

  7. Update regulations on minimum flying height allowed by aircraft, including drones, in some protected areas.
    Our Response – The areas chosen to become subject to tis proposed change include several areas with very high visitor numbers – it is not clear why these locations “need to be added to the existing list” – more detail could be provided to clarify.

  9. Update the definition of recreational craft to regulate use of kite buggies and land windsurfing boards in recreation areas – proposal to regulate the use of kite buggies and land windsurfing boards in the same way as aircraft and hot air balloons
    Our Response – It seems counter-intuitive to treat vehicles that happen to be wind-powered (kite buggies and land windsurfing boards) in the same manner as aircraft.

For further information contact RegulationsReviewFeedback@des.qld.gov.au.



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