Seqwater Lakes

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Recreation Guides to Seqwater Lakes

Seqwater is committed to providing quality recreation facilities that everyone can enjoy.

We aim to provide a variety of activities to cater to different community and visitor needs, with activities such as boating, camping and fishing, as well as facilities such as picnic areas, BBQs, toilets, walking and riding trails and playgrounds.

Information about where to enjoy these activities can be found in the Recreation Guides below.

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Things To Do

We provide a range of great outdoor recreation facilities for the community to enjoy, attracting more than 2.7 million visitors to our lakes and recreation sites each year.

Seqwater strives to balance the ongoing health of the catchments and quality of the region’s drinking water supply while providing access to a range of water-based and on-shore activities at our dams, lakes and parks.

While a variety of activities (including boating, picnicking and fishing) are permitted at most sites, not all activities are possible.

Use the Activities Guide to search for specific activities at a given location.

To help you play it safe, visit some of our Top Spots and the Discover Things To Do in and around our lakes.

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