Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Maintaining a fun, friendly, and safe online environment for everyone

By interacting with Outdoors Queensland on Facebook and other social media platforms, you are agreeing to the platform’s terms and conditions as well as the Outdoors Queensland principles to ensure we maintain a fun, friendly, and safe environment for everyone to join the conversation.

These principles are covered in the Outdoors Queensland Code of Ethics. Everyone who signs up to become an Outdoors Queensland community or paid member commits to following the code.

Simple rules to consider when posting to our social media platforms:

Be kind and courteous
No promotions or spam
No hate speech or bullying
Respect the privacy of others


THINK it through first!
THINK – a model for positive communication

Our aim is to create a safe environment where conversations can be had, and opinions shared without fear of retaliation. We value all who take the time to join in the conversation and we expect all who share on our social media platforms to do the same.

The Outdoors Queensland community must respect each other regardless if the user agrees/disagrees with what is said. Any posts or comments that are defamatory, obscene or untrue, spam-like, threatening or reveals personal information, will be dealt with in the following way:

  1. We will inform the user of any violation
  2. If comments/posts are offensive/obscene/threatening or reveals personal information, we will inform the user that the comment/post will be deleted
  3. If the violation continues, there may be grounds to ban a user from the page and we reserve the right to do so


Please Note:
Posts or comments that are left on the Outdoors Queensland social media platforms do not always reflect the opinions of Outdoors Queensland, its staff and Management Committee.

Refer also to the Top 12 Rules of Social Media Etiquette


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