Good Practice Outdoors Module 1

Good Practice Outdoors Module 1

Female Leaders



9:30 am
Outdoors Queensland
Dawn Carnell
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As outdoor organisations we know we should strive for responsible delivery of activities and acknowledge we have a moral obligation to continually evaluate our practices.

We should ask ourselves:

  • How can we enhance our incident prevention measures?
  • How can we strengthen our safety culture?
  • How do we ensure cultural heritage and environmental compliance?
  • How can we make our risk management procedures more effective?

The Australian Adventure Activity Standard and associated Good Practice Guides (Aust AAS) help organisations address these issues.

The Good Practice Outdoors program aims to help organisations implement the Aust AAS by making the process more user-friendly.

Organisational Benefits

The Good Practice Outdoors online program offers several benefits to your organisation being:

  1. Enhanced Understanding and Implementation of Aust AAS: 
    Completing the program will deepen your grasp of the Aust AAS and help you apply them effectively across your organisation.
  2. Compliance Documentation and Process Improvement: 
    The program assists in documenting your organisation’s compliance with the Aust AAS and identifies areas for system improvement.
  3. Industry Good Practices:
    The program aligns your organisation’s practices with industry standards, giving you confidence that your internal policies and procedures meet or exceed requirements.
  4. Development of Staff: 
    By participating in the program, your staff can enhance their capabilities, enabling them to take on additional responsibilities within management roles.
  5. Reward, Recognition, and Job Satisfaction: 
    Participating in the program can boost job satisfaction, leading to improved performance and better employee retention.
  6. Delegation and Succession Planning:
    The program focuses on upskilling your workers, preparing them for future management positions and ensuring a smooth transition of responsibilities
  7. Insurance Benefits: 
    By aligning your internal practices with industry standards and documenting this through implementing the Good Practice Outdoor program it could improve the availability and affordability of insurance options.

The Queensland Government has provided funding through the Active Women and Girls grant to fully subsidise the development and delivery of the Good Practice Outdoors – Female Leaders program in 2024.

After the completion of the initial funding phase, Outdoors Queensland intends to offer the Good Practice Outdoors program on a fee for service basis for all outdoor leaders and organisations.

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Module 1 of the program consists of 4 component parts:

  1. Program participants will be given the tool and shown how to use it in a virtual classroom.
  2. To reinforce their learnings, participants will then be asked to go back to their workplace and start to apply their learnings by commencing their organisation’s Good Practice Outdoors journey.
  3. Program participants will have access to optional follow-up sessions via weekly virtual classroom sessions that will allow them to seek clarification and ask any questions they may have about the implementation of the GPO assessment tool or the Aus AAS.
  4. At the four-week mark, program participants will be asked to give their feedback on the GPO program, the GPO assessment tool and the Aus AAS in general.

Course Dates

  • Wednesday 10 July 2024 at 9.30am
  • Thursday 8 Aug 2024 at 10.30am
  • Wednesday 4 Sept 2024 at 11.00am
  • Tuesday 8 Oct 2024 at 2.00pm
  • Thursday 7 Nov 2024 at 2.00pm

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