2023 Active Industry Workforce Survey

2023 Active Industry Workforce Survey

Current and future workforce demands.

Posted on 28.11.2023

The Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance (AQIA) is developing a ten-year Active Industry Workforce Plan 2024-2034. The Plan will provide a snapshot and analysis of the current workforce and skills available (supply) and the future workforce needed (demand) for our industry as we head towards and beyond the 2032 Olympics/Paralympics.

Having a workforce ready to meet increased participation across the active industry, not just sport, will give us the best chance of translating the excitement of the games into long term benefit to the industry and all Queenslanders. The plan will also include strategies and actions for how best to prepare the workforce for the future beyond the games.

Survey responses will be de-identified and reported in aggregate only so that no response data is attributable to the respondent. It is important that only one person from each organisation completes the survey. Please check with the other management team members to delegate one person to complete the survey. This person should understand your worker makeup and their current and future training needs. It will take around 15 minutes to complete if you are across the organisation’s workforce.

Please remember that in the Active Industry, the workforce is both paid and volunteer so this survey and plan will refer to everyone as workers.

AQIA also appreciates you sharing the survey throughout your networks to maximise responses to ensure a broad representation of views is heard.  Future online and face to face meetings and workshops will also be conducted as part of the consultation process.



If you have any questions, please contact Murray Stewart from the AQIA on murray.stewart@aqia.org.au, or visit the AQIA website (www.aqia.org.au) for more information.






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