Kids Outdoors: Activities

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Kids Outdoors: Activities

Help us get more kids outdoors more often!

… recognizes the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

15 Camping Games for Adults, Teens & Kids

15 Camping Games for Adults, Teens & Kids

Going on a camping holiday with your family or friends is a fun, memory-worthy event. But if you’re like most families, whether your kids are little or teenagers, you’re bound to hear the dreaded, ‘I’m bored’ at some point during the trip. That’s why we’ve put together a list of camping games that will chase that boredom away—and the adults might even enjoy themselves too!

We wanted to make sure that these fun camping games aren’t just for athletic or nature-loving kids. So we pulled together ideas that will appeal to any kids, teenagers or adults. This family camping games list is geared for everyone! Read More

Source: Broken Head Holiday Park (near Byron Bay)

Trail Games And Hiking Activities

Trail Games And Hiking Activities
Cool of the Wild

17 Trail Games And Hiking Activities For Kids And Adults

Some people can hike for hours without losing interest in the sights and sounds of the trail. Some like to disconnect by listening to their favourite tunes, while others need something extra to keep them motivated. If you’ve ever been hiking with kids, you’ll know how important it is to keep them entertained while hiking, which is wear trail games come in! …

The best hiking games for kids and adults aren’t just fun, but they’re educational too. You can use hiking games to teach and learn about plants, wildlife, and environmental responsibility, or to practice essential backpacking skills such as map reading. Trail games are useful ice-breakers too.

Source: Cool of the Wild

10 Children's Games To Play Whilst Socially DistancingActivities for Kids (NSW Government)

Activities for Kids 

Check out some great activities for kids and families with the School Camp at Home resources from the NSW Government! We have videos, activity sheets and infographics to help you keep the kids entertained throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

Sample Activity

Human Camera
Get theatrical with this fun activity. It will push your child’s observation and recall skills. Take it in turns to be the photographer and then the human camera. Find a vista or a close up and use your human camera to take a quick snapshot. Then have them describe what they saw in those few seconds.

SourceNSW Government

The Great Indoors (Scouts UK)

The Great Indoors

We know the coming days and weeks are going to be difficult for families across the UK, as the spread of Covid-19 causes schools to close. As the experts in developing skills and bringing adventure to young people, we want to do what we can to help.

While normally out in the great outdoors, Scouts UK have pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas. Keep your kids learning and having fun (and avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds) all in #TheGreatIndoors – a collection of 100 activities designed to encourage kids to try new challenges and learn new skills at home.  Learn more here!


Camping Activities for Kids (printable downloads)

Camping Activities for Kids

11 fun camping activities for kids aged 5-10. You can download all activities at once or individually below. Print them out in colour, or black-and-white.

Download all camping activities

Camper Champ

Night Games

Nature Activities for Kids and Families

Nature Activities for Kids and Families

Source: Richard Louv’s Resource Guide

Parents, grandparents, and other relatives are the first responders, but they cannot resolve society’s nature-deficit disorder by themselves. Educators, health care professionals, policy-makers, business people, urban designers—all must lend a hand.

… here are a few suggestions READ MORE

7 kid-friendly games to play on trail walks and nature hikes

7 kid-friendly games to play on trail walks and nature hikes

Source: Active for Life (slightly adapted)

Bushwalking — one of our favourite activities — can be enjoyed in any season and by virtually all ages and abilities. Most young kids love the freedom of running down paths, climbing on fallen logs, examining animal tracks, and everything else our trails have to offer. But, every now and then, little ones need fun distractions to keep them going and it’s handy to have a few games or activities ready to avoid any potential meltdowns (and of course, bringing along snacks and water can buy you extra time on the trails as well).

1. Giddy up

Thanks to Active For Life role model, Karen Ung, for this idea: Karen and her kids make hiking more fun by riding “horsies” down the trails, making “gates”, and using secret passwords to go through.

2. Follow the Leader

This simple game is an adaptation of an Active For Life activity. Encourage your child to “lead” you through the trail, over, around, and under obstacles, incorporating as many trees, shrubs, and rocks along the path as possible.

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of natural treasures and prepare each participant with a bucket and marker. Next step: Hunt! You can find a scavenger hunt template on our Pinterest page. For a fun twist on the scavenger theme try this nature ninja scavenger hunt where the hunt becomes focused on interacting with nature, rather than collecting it.

4. Geocaching

For a tech-savvy update on the Nature Scavenger Hunt, try geocaching in a nearby outdoor space. You can find out if any “caches” are in your neighbourhood trails by visiting

5. I Spy!

Walk and talk your way down the trail by testing each other’s eyesight in nature. If you want to prolong the game throw out “I spy something green” when it’s your turn.

6. Hide-And-Go-Seek: Trail Edition

As the “seeker” stays back, the “hiders” run a short distance ahead in search of a safe place out of sight. Be sure to predetermine acceptable boundaries (and don’t forget to look up).

7. Pick up sticks

Something as simple as choosing the perfect hiking stick can give kids a sense of ownership over the trail. Bonus: leaving the sticks at the trailhead can teach little ones to pay it forward and continue the search on the next hike.

25 Things To Do In Winter

25 Things To Do In Winter

  1. Make leaf boats and float them down a stream or in a puddle
  2. Collect fallen leaves, paint them with winter colours & press onto paper to make leaf prints

and many more … courtesy of Nature Play WA


31 Adventure Ideas That Anyone Can Do

31 Adventure Ideas That Anyone Can Do

31 cool adventure ideas for families, couples, teenagers and adults from UK based Cool of the Wild.

Best Beach Games

Best Beach Games

29 awesome ways to have fun at the beach from UK based Cool of the Wild.

Kayaking with Kids (How to Guide)

Kayaking with Kids (How to Guide)

We all know children love to play in the water, and a further progression for them can be having fun on the water. The best way to do this is by teaching them Kayaking. From early ages, they can see the fun that can be had and the places they can explore.

Nature Sport Central

Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

Collections of fun physical activities for kids collated by Ohio University. While these are US resources most can readily be used in any setting, anywhere.

Weather for Kids

Weather for Kids

Information and activities all about the weather and weather related emergencies


Your Family's Guide to Exploring Our National Parks

Your Family’s Guide to Exploring Our National Parks

The revised edition of the South East Queensland version of our Kids In National Parks booklet, now titled “Your Family’s Guide to Exploring Our National Parks”, has been published.

You can download a PDF from

Places To Go

Places To Go
Nature Play QLD

Nature play spaces in Queensland – search by type, age group and proximity

Yulunga: Indigenous Games

Yulunga: Indigenous Games

Traditional Indigenous Games is a selection of games and activities from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies all around Australia.  It provides an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Indigenous culture.

Suitable for children and adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, Yulunga can be used in schools as an educational resource and as a guide to inclusive, structured sport within communities.

Full Games Book
Individual Games

Cool Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Cool Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

While clearly a US based resource these scavenger hunt games can easily be adapted to suit any of the varied Australian types of terrain and environments.

Cool of the Wild

Practical Solutions - making the outdoors a habit!

Practical Solutions

Making outdoors a habit can be easy if you know how. Here is a list of simple ideas to try, adapt and add to, and many of them you can do right in your own backyard. These groups and activities are suitable for kids of all ages, so join your children and get outdoors!

  1. Try a night walk. Bring a torch for fun and safety, but be sure to turn them off for listening to the nature sounds and stargazing.
  2. Go on a nature walk. Smell flowers or hug a tree. Look for animal footprints. Watch insects. But remember, soaking up the smells, sounds and sights is sufficient, and leave only footprints behind.
  3. Get outside. First, set up any outdoor space you have access to so that it’s inviting, and spend time outside with your child. A sandbox, wading pool, swing, climbing structure or garden will keep your child entertained for hours. But if permanent structures aren’t possible, think impermanent: A tablecloth teepee or a bucket of water with funnels and cups, or a shovel to dig a hole you can later refill.
  4. Plant a native tree. Together, take responsibility for your tree or shrub. Care for it, and you and your child will reap the satisfaction in the months and years to come.
  5. Grow a herb garden. This could be a window box, or be included in a vegetable patch if you have the outdoor space. Choose plants that your child will eat and enjoy, and especially those that develop before your eyes. For example, herbs are generally quick to mature, and bush tomatoes change colour as they grow.
  6. Take your camera out into the backyard, a nature strip or a nearby park, and photograph areas of nature where you think animals might live. Take pictures of trees, leaves and grasses and see if you can name the plants/animals when you get home. By printing them off and sticking them into a book, your child can create their own story.
  7. Go on an adventure bike ride. Remember all your cycling safety, and simply enjoy riding in the fresh air.
  8. Go on a picnic. Pencil in your diary or on the family calendar one day to venture out into nature. Encourage your children to help pack the food, and discuss where it has come from. You could picnic at your local park, beach, river or even just in the back garden.
  9. Set up a colouring in and painting table. Ask your child to draw or paint a number of environmental images, including trees, rivers, and animals. You can also use leaves that have fallen off trees as stamps, by painting them and pressing onto paper. If you can, doing this outside is perfect. See your child’s interpretation of nature.
  10. Lend a hand in the garden. If you do have a garden space, ask you child to assist with raking leaves and pulling weeds. Check out if you have a community garden in your local area by searching on
  11. Take an indoor toy outdoors. Introduce your child’s favourite toy, game or book to nature.
  12. Create an obstacle course. This could be indoors or outdoors, and you could use trees to run around, a pile of leaves to jump over, a stick ladder on the lawn.
  13. Create a collection of nature objects. Try and collect one item each day. It could be as simple as a leaf or a stone. Use each object to tell a story – perhaps about where it came from and what or who it has come across before reaching your hand. Although make sure you don’t take anything from a National Park, or any animal’s homes.
  14. Visit a local look out, hill or mountain. See the world from a different view. Talk about how birds and animals see the world differently to us. Discuss what the world might look like for a magpie, and how it might seem for an ant. If it’s safe, roll down the hill – careful not to get too dizzy!
  15. Watch the sunrise or the sunset. Find a natural environment to watch the sunset. If you aren’t by the sea or a river, you could watch the sun rise or fall behind a tree in the local park.
  16. Make a grass trumpet. Pull a blade of grass (making sure it’s clean) and put it between your lips. Press your lips and blow out, trying to push the air out of your mouth. It will make a squeaky, trumpet-like sound kids will love and be fascinated by.
  17. Go camping. Set a date to go camping with your family. There are great options for hiring camping gear if you don’t have the resources (time/money/storage space) to own it.
  18. Look for shapes in the clouds. Sit down and create a story. As the clouds change, the story will evolve.
  19. Create a nature mystery bag. Find a box and put in a collection of nature objects, with different textures and shapes. Ask you child to guess what it is, and discuss where it’s come from. Next time they’re outside, ask them to collect some natural items (safely – or with the assistance of another adult), for them to create a mystery box for you.
  20. Start a nature journal. Ask your child to write down all their favourite things in nature. If there’s something they’ve learnt about, but haven’t seen, add it to the list and try and find a time and place to catch a glimpse or make a visit. Use this to reflect as well. How did they feel when they saw it? Where were they, and who were they with? What was the weather like? Keep adding to the list, and watch it grow and change.


Best Outdoor Playground Games For Kids

Best Outdoor Playground Games For Kids

As technology advances, kids are not spending as much time as they should be outdoors. Nowadays, children are choosing tablets over teeter-totters. Outdoor activities allow for mental, physical, and social stimulation.

10 Fun Camping Games for Kids

10 Fun Camping Games for Kids

These simple games are well liked by all kinds of kids, no matter what their different interests or abilities, and you can play them all without any special materials or equipment.

Camping Activities for Kids

Camping activities for kids: 5 things to do with children when outdoors

Is there a worse phrase in the world as “I’m bored?”  f you are a parent, I am pretty confident that you have heard this more than once. And whilst camping offers a lot to do, sometimes children fail to notice what is around them and might need some guidance.

(If you are new to camping, take the time to read our 10 tips on camping with children.)

Go Camping Australia Blog

Night-time Camping Activities for Kids

Night-time Camping Activities for Kids

After dark games can work depending on the age of the children and your environment.     Games like Tag or Hide-and-Seek in the Dark, may not be appropriate or safe where you are camping. We have tried to list  mainly games that don’t mean you will have children scattered all over the campground.

Go Camping Australia Blog

How to Make a Solar Oven

How to Make a Solar Oven

There are numerous reasons why one should learn how to make a solar oven, whether they are going to be using one for camping/outdoor living, or conducting a science experiment, learning the dynamics of a solar oven are greatly beneficial.

Solar ovens afford many the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, minimize greenhouse gases, and learn about Newton’s Laws of Physics all in one creation.

10 Ways To Have Fun Outdoors

10 Ways To Have Fun Outdoors

Ten fun ways for parents to encourage children to experience the great outdoors

Five Things to Do Before they are 5!

Five Things to Do Before they are 5!

You know you want resilient kids, who can learn new skills, have fun and be in nature.
Then here are some great things to do with your child before they are 5 to start them on a path to ‘claim their childhood’ the way it can be.

Fifteen Things To Do Before You're 12

Fifteen Things To Do Before You’re 12

1. Climb a tree
2. Build a cubby house
3. Sleep under the stars
4. Invent a game that lasts three days
5. Learn to swim

and 10 more …

50 things to do before you’re 11¾

50 things to do before you’re 11¾

Way of encouraging kids to get outdoors, get mucky, discover their wild side and most of all enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer!

Cool Outdoor Ideas for Hot Summer Days

Cool Outdoor Ideas for Hot Summer Days

A great little online ebook from ‘Be Out There’

Fun Outdoor Games And Activities

Fun Outdoor Games And Activities 

If you’re looking for activities and games to enjoy in the great outdoors, there are literally hundreds of possibilities. Depending on the nature of the game, outdoor activities can provide simple enjoyment, promote physical fitness, or even stimulate learning. An activity which challenges the mind, as well as the body, while exposing kids to the natural benefits of fresh air and sunshine, is likely to have a positive impact on mood and behavior, as well.

Tag Games (PDF)


Single Jump Rope Stunts

Skipping Games and Rhymes

10 Fun Games from Around the World

International Games



Scouting Games (PDF)

Parachute Games

Getting Kids into National Parks

Getting Kids into National Parks

Whether the idea of taking your children out into nature fills you with a sense of excited anticipation or nervous dread, one thing is certain – today, more than ever, we are well aware of the benefits of childhood contact with nature.

For hints and tips on how to share the wonderful experience that national parks have to offer, download the new Getting Kids into National Parks guide from NPAQ.

16 Inspirational Quotes from Children's Literature

A big thank you from Ms. Kileys Class!

Hi friends at QORF,

I volunteer at a youth center with weekend activities program for kids. The kids came across this web page while looking for information about horses because we are going on a camping trip in a couple of weeks! We want to say thank you!

Two of the kids did some web searches at home together and found this page that they brought it for me to see about how to make a solar oven – They were incredibly excited because we were talking about how to survive the outdoors without modern technology!

I suggested that they share this with you because it had good information about camping! Additionally, I want to impress upon them that by reaching out and simply asking others, things can be accomplished that the children might not otherwise think can.

Would you please add a link to the web page they found to your web page? They would be so proud to see that you did, even if it’s only for a little while. Your visitors may find it very interesting and I also don’t think it hurt that I promised the whole group a pizza day if you added it! Please let me know if you’d be willing so I can share the exciting news with them!

And we are happy to do so!

Thank you all, and especially the two young men who tracked down this information. Well done!


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