Sector Surveys

Sector Surveys & Demand Studies

Research into the current state and needs of the outdoor sector In Queensland and Australia wide.

Queensland's Nature-based Outdoor Economy

Queensland’s Nature-based Outdoor Economy

SkillsIQ commissioned Marsden Jacob Associates to conduct a study to better understand the impact of the nature-based outdoor recreation sector on Australia’s economy. A quantitative evaluation was conducted to establish a picture of this sector, covering both participation across activities and also the economics of the sector in relation to employment, expenditure, and Gross Value-Add (GVA).

The findings of the research are being released through individual reports specific to each state and territory.

To access the Queensland report, please click HERE

Queensland Sport, Exercise and Recreation Survey

Queensland Sport, Exercise and Recreation Survey

The Survey is the first real snapshot of the levels of physical activity undertaken by Queensland adults, with just over 7200 respondents across the State. The aim of the survey is to collect robust data at a Queensland regional level, and ensure Queensland Government’s policy, program development and planning for sport and recreation participation align with the needs of Queenslanders.

Interestingly, the survey results indicated that three quarters (75%) of Queensland adults participated in sport, exercise and recreation in the past 12 months and almost two-thirds (63%) are identified as high frequency participants who are physically active at least once a week. This includes 21% who reported that they undertake physical activity at least once a day. One quarter (25%) of respondents reported that they had not participated in any sport, exercise and recreation in the last 12 months.

The research also found that Queensland adults participate in a wide range of physical activities with more respondents reporting participation in active recreational activities (e.g. walking, cycling, swimming) than in traditional organised sport (e.g. football, tennis).


Queensland Outdoor Sector Surveys

Queensland Outdoor Sector Surveys
The surveys aim to collect data from the outdoor sector in Queensland with the purpose of indicating and quantifying industry trends and identifying areas in which organisations require further assistance. The surveys capture a state wide overview of the outdoor industry and it’s progression over time, aiding QORF in advocating on future matters specific and relevant to the outdoor sector

Service Skills Environmental Scans

Environmental Scans 

Environmental Scans analyse existing and emerging trends in the service industries, focusing on their implications for workforce development. They form a key piece of advice to the government on skill shortages, broader workforce development needs and the context for the continuous improvement of training packages.

Environmental Scan 2015 Sport, Fitness and Recreation

National Outdoor Sector Survey

National Outdoor Sector Survey
Service Skills Australia and the Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA) run a biennial survey of the outdoor industries – responses from across the varied outdoor sector will give an insight into the current state and needs and of the sector’s volunteers and workforce, allowing for sound training and workforce development policy advice to be provided to state and federal governments.

State of the Sector 2013

State of the Sector 2013
An investigation of Training and Workforce Development in the Queensland Outdoor Sector, which came about following a review of diverse anecdotal information from the sector, indicating there was a lack of training providers throughout the state, dissatisfaction with the training models available, and a desire for ‘better’ ways in which the training, safety and workforce development of the sector could be addressed in the future.

Outdoor Recreation Demand Studies

South East Queensland Outdoor Recreation Demand Studies
In three separate studies (1997, 2001, 2007) sample populations of Queenslanders have been surveyed in relation to their participation in a range of activities, their preferred recreation settings and the characteristics of these settings. The results were collated, analysed and used to form the South East Queensland Outdoor Recreation Demand Studies.


Exercise, Recreation & Sport Survey
Information on the frequency, duration, nature and type of activities that are participated in by persons aged 15 years and over for exercise, recreation and sport.

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