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The following companies provide first aid training and supplies to the outdoor sector.

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Rescue Swag

Rescue Swag

Rescue Swag is much more than “just a First Aid Kit”. . . from a humble beginning to its first big appearance on Shark Tank Australia Series I; the world’s first SMART first aid kit, Rescue Swag, was created in response to a need for portable, comprehensive safety response. Developed in rural Australia, Rescue Swag was born from the challenges of an active, outdoor lifestyle. Ranging from minor cuts and broken bones to snake bites and extreme weather, the Australian bush can be dangerous.

Rescue Swag was a natural solution to provide a portable, durable safety solution that delivers peace of mind and enhances the outdoor lifestyle.

Club Medical

Club Medical

Get a wide range of sports medical products at Club Medical, where you will find a variety of top brands. From band-aid to stretchers, we have got all of it just under one platform.

Survival Emergency Solutions

Survival Emergency Solutions

Survival Emergency Solutions create innovative First Aid Kits and solutions for your workplace, vehicle and home in Australia and worldwide.

allaid supplies

allaid supplies


(in association with Equipped Outdoors)

All Aid First Aid is a contemporary and dynamic first aid training company renowned for highly practical and realistic training programs – All Aid First Aid provides tailored training to a range of clients including the Australian Army and Navy, power stations, adventure companies, corporations and schools. Please click here to be directed to the All Aid First Aid website.

Equipped Outdoors is a specialised, direct to industry supplier of outdoor and roping equipment. Equipped is a supplier to organisations such as Emergency Services, NSW Dept. Sport & Recreation and Outward Bound Australia and offers great service backed by experienced outdoor professionals and over 10 years in business. Please click here to be directed to the Equipped website.

First Aid Kits Australia

First Aid Kits Australia

First Aid Kits Australia is a fully Australian owned and operated business, making what we consider to be the very best first aid kits in Australia. Every kit we sell is made by us to our uncompromising standards and our kits are relied on by thousands of individuals, businesses, paramedics, emergency medical staff and government organisations every single day.

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First Aid on Day Hikes

First Aid on Day Hikes

We’ve compiled some handy tips, tricks and instructions for common backcountry first aid procedures based on information supplied by the Australian government.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Even on a short day hike, despite your best precautions, you could fall or trip and injure yourself, get bitten by a snake, or get caught out in seriously bad weather.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to plan your hike well, carry a first aid kit, learn basic first aid, and invest in a PLB whenever you’re out of mobile phone range.

Source: Danae Baggs, Wildfire Sports

Psychological First Aid: Supporting people affected by disaster in Australia

Psychological First Aid

Supporting people affected by disaster in Australia
This psychological first aid guide from Red Cross Australia is for people working in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. It provides an overview of best practice approaches to psychological first aid following disasters and traumatic events.


Guide to Wilderness Medicine for Outdoor Professionals and First Responders

Guide to Wilderness Medicine for Outdoor Professionals and First Responders

While written for a US based outdoor sector this article contains valuable commentary for Australian outdoor professionals (QORF)

The wilderness can be a harsh environment. Relatively common injuries can turn into infections without immediate access to proper treatment. Meanwhile, dehydration and shock are both serious threats if you aren’t prepared for your time outdoors. Additionally, there is the possibility of an animal attack while hiking on a trail.

Advanced care might be hours or even days away. This is when a minor injury can become severe and major trauma can take a turn for the worse, which is why it’s essential to take the appropriate steps in stopping (or minimizing) any injury progression. The need for accessible primary care during this time is becoming a concern — especially for those in remote and rural areas.

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University of North Dakota

Your Guide to the Ultimate First Aid Kit

Your Guide to the Ultimate First Aid Kit

A million and one things can go wrong on a hike, even if you’re just going out for the day. If you’re not prepared with a good first aid kit, the most minor injuries can become life-threatening. Even a blister can turn into cellulitis in no time.

But even if it’s not a life or death situation, any illness or injury on the trails will impact the enjoyment factor. When you pick up a parasite that makes you explode from both ends, clambering up boulders is way down on the list of fun things to do. Not that I’m speaking from experience at all…

Injuries can happen anytime in the wild. Call me a pessimist, but the best way to stop a mishap from becoming a catastrophe is to make sure you’re prepared for the worst. That means you should never go on a hike without a well-stocked first aid kit.

So, what should you pack? Based on my experience as a wilderness junkie, this is what you need to bring with you on any trek.

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Cat McLean
Sea to Summit Blog

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