Regional Multi-Use Trails Strategy

Regional Multi-Use Trails Strategy

Prepared by Otium Planning in conjunction with TORA

Regional Multi-Use Trails Strategy

for the Cassowary Coast and Tablelands Regional Council areas

The Cassowary Coast and Tablelands region comprise two local government areas which have substantial areas of Wet Tropics World Heritage Area within their boundary.  The region’s history includes forestry, mining and agriculture and, subsequently, there is a legacy of tracks and trails throughout the region.

Over the last ten years the mapping and development of trail networks has increased thanks to the efforts of community driven groups such as TORA (Tablelands Outdoor Recreation Association).  There are now multiple opportunities to ride and walk on both the tablelands and the coastal plain.

Tropical (Far) North Queensland has developed a reputation as a world class mountain bike riding destination. There are also significant trails available for walking, horse-riding and motorised activities (motorcycles, quad-bikes and four-wheel drives). This project focusses on recreation trails for non-motorised activities, although there may be trails that can be shared by both motorised and non-motorised activities.

This project recognises that there is a major opportunity for the region to develop trail-based recreation and tourism further which will benefit residents and expand regional tourism potential.

The focus of the project is on trails that are regionally significant and are multi-use. Single use trails, such as down-hill mountain bike tracks, may be significant, but are outside the scope of this project.

Purpose & Aims

The purpose of the strategy is to work with councils and stakeholder groups to highlight existing strategic trails and develop a strategic plan to guide the possible further development of multi-use trails across the Cassowary Coast Regional Council (CCRC) and Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) areas.

The aims of the project include:

  • Providing an analysis of the linkages across this region, bridging the planning gap between the longer-term vision for the wider Far North Queensland region and on-ground delivery of projects,
  • Piloting regional planning methodologies for projects that cross local government boundaries,
  • Documenting the existing and potential regional trail network,
  • Recommendations for implementation including key actions and priorities, and
  • Ensuring the strategy is useful for councils and community groups for coordinating effort towards an overall strategic outcome.

Click to read / download the Regional Multi-Use Trails Strategy for the Cassowary Coast and Tablelands Regional Council areas

This study was funded by the State Government under the Get Planning Places Program, which is administered by Sport and Recreation (part of the Department of Housing and Public Works). This project was managed by QORF, the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation.

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