Inside the Outhaus

Inside the Outhaus

Nature-based learning portal

Inside the Outhaus provides a portal to connect the nature-based learning (outdoor and experiential education) sector of Australia – grassroots community platform for connection, learning, sharing of resources and support of mental health.

Our Goals:

  1. Connect the outdoor and experiential education community through shared learning horizontally (all sectors) and vertically (all levels)
  2. Provide a platform for outdoor people to share their thoughts and resources on the outdoor education practice and delivery
  3. Create a positive online environment for supporting community and mental health amongst outdoor and experiential education professionals

Want to be a part of the Outhaus?

  • Join us at our regular webinar series were we share ideas and discuss current issues and concerns in the outdoor and experiential education sector and beyond.
  • Conversations at 6.13 PM AEDT or 7.13 PM ADST on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in 2021.
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