Member Benefits and Expectations

Member Benefits and Expectations


The rights of members

  • Advocacy, advice and support
  • A listening ear – a place to voice concerns, share ideas and chat!
  • Voting (at AGM)
  • Privacy

The benefits of being a member

The most compelling reason is that it gives you an opportunity to be part of the outdoors community, to contribute to the potential influence of Outdoors Queensland (giving us a stronger voice) and to make a difference.

Other reasons or benefits to include:

  • Your own Member Page (all, except Individuals, will get a basic page that can be further enhanced)
  • Use of the Outdoors Queensland member logo.
  • Features / listings in the new Activity section of website
  • Mentions/features in social media and the eNewsletter (eg video interviews, how to’s)
  • Discounted event tickets and shop purchases
  • Quarterly eNewsletter (general public published monthly)
  • Invitations to special events, consultations, workshops
  • Access to the Outdoors Queensland social media for promotion
  • Access to the What’s On calendar
  • Direct access to Outdoors Queensland staff members
  • Job advertising (web, social media and eNewsletter)
  • Use of Outdoors Queensland created resources – posters, memes, guides, factsheets. (which might include an option to co-brand)
  • Networking opportunities – face to face & online
  • Referral credits (NEW)*

In addition, financial members will get a secondary ‘read access only’ login they can share with colleagues – so they can access the ‘behind firewall’ content. And/or a discount code for use  at the Shop (under consideration)

For other other ways to get the most out of your Outdoors Queensland membership, check out Getting Involved and Making Connections

* Member Referral Scheme

If any existing financial member of Outdoors Queensland (either individual or organisational member) refers a new member (individual or organisational member) who joins, then the existing member who referred the new member is allocated a credit of 10% of the value of the first year of the new membership, ex GST.

Associate Member A refers new Individual member B
B signs up at the Individual member rate: $100.00 plus GST
Member A receives an $10.00 credit against next membership renewal.
Referring member acknowledged in eNewsletter


  • Only available to current financial members.
  • Multiple referral credits max out when referring member renewal fee reached.
  • Credit only applied once – does not apply to subsequent membership renewals.


What we expect of you as an Outdoors Queensland member …

  • Reading and committing to our Code of Ethics
  • Operating under the Outdoors Queensland Constitution.
  • No abusive behaviour (in all its various forms)
  • Attending events where possible
  • Voting at AGM (or providing proxy)
  • Maintaining your Member Page
  • Keeping contact person / key staff details up to date.
  • Completing surveys – doing surveys means we can better represent ‘your’ needs and the sector’s best interests.
  • Providing feedback
  • Displaying linked member logo on website
  • Liking, following Outdoors Queensland social media
  • Attending webinars
  • Willingness to discuss discounts to other members.
  • Reading monthly eNews (not unsubscribing)
  • Sharing/making available our eNewsletters to staff and colleagues
  • Keeping membership payments up to date

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions relate to your rights and responsibilities as a member

  • Please refer to our Privacy policy
  • Fee Payments
    • Renewal invoices will be sent out in the month of the anniversary of your membership.
    • Payment is expected within 30 days
    • Direct debit and auto renewal options are preferred
    • Direct EFT credit, online payments, or credit card by phone (surcharge) accepted.
  • Cancellations / terminations – conditions by which a membership will be terminated and all privileges revoked
    • A Member resigns by notice in writing to the Company;
    • A Member ceases to have the power to appoint a Representative; or
    • A Member becomes insolvent or bankrupt: or
    • A Member fails to pay membership fees a month after being sent a 60 day second reminder.



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