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Acronyms in the Outdoors

Acronym: an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word

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Acronyms in the outdoors

AASAdventure Activity Standards
AAASAustralian Adventure Activity Standards
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ACAustralian Canoeing
ACAAustralian Camps Association
ACAQAustralian Climbing Association of Queensland
ACIAAustralian Climbing Instructors Association
ACTOEAACT Outdoor Education Association
ANZSICAustralia & New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
AQFCAustralian Qualifications Framework Council
ARCActive Recreation Centre/s
ATHRAAustralian Trail Horse Riders Association
BCCBrisbane City Council
BCUBritish Canoe uniob
BWQBushwalking Queensland
CSHCommunity Services and Health
CVAChristian Venues Association
CVIChristian Venues International
DETEDept of Education, Training and Employment
DLGPDept of Local Government & Planning
DSDIPDept of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
DoCDept of Communities, Child Safety and Disbility Services
DoEDuke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
DPCDept of Premier and Cabinet
DSDIPDept of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
DTMRDept of Transport and Main Roads
EQEducation Queensland
FNQFar North Queensland
GCCCGold Coast City Council
IACIndustry Advisory Council
IBSAInnovation and Business Skills Australia
IMBAInternational Mountain Bicycling Association
ISCIndustry Skills Council
JAGJustice & Attorney General
LGALocal Government Authority
LGAQLocal Government Association of Queensland
LNTLeave No Trace
MBRCMoreton Bay Regional Council
MSQMaritime Safety Queensland
MTBAMountain Bike Australia
NCVERNational Centre for Vocational Education Research
NGONon-governmental organisation
NOLRSNational Outdoor Leader Registration Scheme
NOSSNational Outdoor Sector Survey
NPAQNational Parks Association of Queensland
NPQLDNature Play QLD
NPSRDept of National Parks, Sport and Racing
NRMNatural Resource Management
NSSCNational Skills Standards Council
OBAOutward Bound Australia
OCAOutdoor Council of Australia
OEAOutdoor Education Australia
OEAQOutdoor Educators’ Association of Queensland
OEASAOutdoor Educators’ Association South Australia
OEGOutdoor Education Group
OROutdoor Recreation
ORCOutdoor Recreation Centre (Victoria)
ORFOutdoor Recreation Forum
ORICOutdoor Recreation Industry Council (NSW)
OVOutdoors Victoria
OWAOutdoors Western Australia
OYPRAThe Outdoor Youth Programs Research Alliance
PAProject Adventure
PACIProfessional Association of Climbing Instructors
PCYCPolice Citizens Youth Club
PLAParks and Leisure Australia
PLAQParks and Leisure Australia Queensland
QBWAQueensland Bulk Water Authority
QCQueensland Canoeing
QDFQuality Declaration Framework
QFRSSAQueensland Fitness, Recreation & Sport Skills Alliance
QHQueensland Health
QHTWGQueensland Horse Trail Working Group
QORFQueensland Outdoor Recreation Federation Inc
QPWSQueensland Parks and Wildlife Service
QSAQueensland Studies Authority
RecSARecreation South Australia
RLOSACRegional Landscape Open Space Advisory Committee
RPLRecognition of Prior Learning
RTORegistered Training Organisation
S&RSearch & Rescue
SASkills Alliance (QFSR Skills Alliance)
SAQSkills Alliance Queensland
SCORSStanding Committee on Recreation & Sport
SCRCSunshine Coast Regional Council
SEQSouth East Queensland
SRSSport & Recreation Services
SSAService Skills Australia
SSQSkilling Solutions Queensland
TAFETechnical and Further Education
TNITTropical North Institute of TAFE
TOETATasmanian Outdoor Education Teachers Association
TQToursim Queensland
TRAQTrail Running Association of Queensland
UPLOADSUnderstanding and Preventing Led Outdoor Accidents Data System
VETVocational Education and Training
VOEAVictorian Outdoor Education Association
WH&SWorkplace Health & Safety
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund


AWOLAbsent with out leave
BASEBuilding, Antenna, Span, Earth (as in BASE Jumping)
CLAPCommunication, Line of Sight, Avoidance, Position (of max. usefulness)
EPIRBEmergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FIGJAMF__K I’m good, Just ask me!
FUBARF___ed Up Beyond All Recognition
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GROWGoal, Reality (current), Options, Way forward
MTBMountain bike
PLBPersonal Locator Beacon
PBPersonal Best


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