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Outdoors Queensland has a responsibility to be open, honest, rigorous and transparent in handling complaints about itself and to deal with those making and receiving complaints in accordance with current best practice for handling complaints.

Outdoors Queensland’s Complaints Handling Policy is based on the International Standard (AS-ISO-10002—2006) Complaints Handling and acknowledges that:

  • a consumer has a right to complain and to have the complaint handled;
  • complaints provide feedback about a product or service or experience; and
  • appropriate responses to complaints maintain confidence in the industry’s products or services.

For more detail, please READ or DOWNLOAD the Complaints Handling Policy, and to make a complaint to Outdoors Queensland, please fill in the Complaint Form and send it to:

Outdoors Queensland
150 Caxton Street
Milton QLD 4064
Phone: 0417 494 706

Please note: This policy and form are to be used for any complaints involving any Outdoors Queensland project, event, activity or staff member.




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