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At the management level:

  • Review risk management plans
  • Review crisis management plans
  • Look at ways to reduce staff contact with clients /participants
  • Considering having staff work from home
  • Support staff members who get the disease – honouring contracts and sick leave arrangements

What a business can do and/or make available:

  • Hand sanitizer or hand soap
  • Post signs to encourage regular handwashing and respiratory hygiene technique
  • Tissues and covered rubbish bins
  • Medical gloves in first aid kits
  • Face masks – for use staff or participants
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Regular cleaning & sanitising of all facilities – clean surfaces regularly
  • Emergency Kits

What to teach / discuss with staff:

  • COVID-19 awareness training
  • New activities / ways to run activities that avoid close contact
  • Hand washing technique
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose mouth
  • Good food hygiene

What do participants / students / clients need to know:

  • If you are sick – stay at home.
  • Practice good hygiene – wash hands regularly, sneeze or cough into your elbow
  • Bring (and use) hand sanitiser.
  • Maintain safe distances from others – 1.5m is considered good practice

Sources include: Apex Camps & Inspiration Outdoors

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COVID-19 Self-Assessment for Experiential & Outdoor Program Risk Management

COVID-19 Self-Assessment for Experiential & Outdoor Program Risk Management

The purpose of this document is to guide organizations in assessing their risk
management procedures and practices related to COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Organizations undergoing this self-assessment are expected to better understand, anticipate, manage and respond to risks related to the novel coronavirus.

The self-assessment is intended to be used by outdoor education, outdoor recreation,
adventure-based, travel, and experiential education programs, and organizations
operating in rural and remote locations.

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Risk Management for Outdoor Programs: COVID-19

Risk Management for Outdoor Programs: COVID-19

COVID-19 represents a crisis and global tragedy in many ways. Yet there are clear pathways for outdoor and other experiential programs to continue to achieve their mission, despite the pandemic.

We’ll cover general principles for sustaining organizations in the face of the disease, best medical practices for preventing and mitigating effects of virus transmission, and systems-informed responses to the pandemic.

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Outdoor Programs in the Time of Coronavirus Guidance for Leaders

Outdoor Programs in the Time of Coronavirus

Guidance for Leaders 

With dizzying speed, our world has changed. Just a handful of months ago, groups were together, outdoors. Now, organized outdoor programs face a radically different and uncertain future. How best to respond? What should we do?

The way forward is uncertain. But three principles can help outdoor programs navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with the least disruption possible. They are:

  • Expect this to be long and challenging
  • Follow the science
  • Be prepared to adapt and innovate

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently developed guidance for re-opening youth programs and camps during the COVID-19 pandemic. It features a well-developed decision tree that walks you through the steps you should take:

Useful Articles & Resources

Rapid Spread in US Summer Camp

Rapid Spread in US Summer Camp

Rapid Spread of Coronavirus Raises Alarms

After just four days, camp shuts; 76% of attendees tested were positive
The US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention issued a troubling report yesterday (August 2, 2020) on transmission of the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 at a summer camp in Georgia, USA.

Six hundred twenty four persons–363 campers, and 261 trainees and staff—were at the camp. Seventy-six percent of the 344 attendees for whom test results were available tested positive … read more

One of the elements of the pandemic that has been uplifting to see is how individuals have come together—across organizations, across nations, throughout the field of outdoor professions—to share innovative ideas, find support, and build a new way forward.

Source: Jeff Baierlein, Viristar

Compiling a COVID–19 Management Plan

The Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA) has produced a template to assist outdoor organisations to undertake safety/risk management planning regarding issues posed by COVID-19 – “COVID-19 Management Plan Template for Group Based Outdoor Activities”.

The template draws on the work that was invested by the OCA in the “OCA Framework for Rebooting Outdoor Activities” .

The COVID-19 Management Plan Template for Group Based Outdoor Activities has been produced to assist organisations in planning for resumption of group activities in a safe and considered way.

This template is intended to be used as a general guide, and assist organisations to cover the appropriate issues. Your organisation may have additional issues that need to be included in your Safety/Risk Management Plan.

Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA) Framework for Rebooting Outdoor Activities in a COVID-19 Environment

Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA) Framework for Rebooting Outdoor Activities in a COVID-19 Environment

Members of the Outdoor Council of Australia board plus a few available industry expert, have created a comprehensive framework for conducting Outdoor Recreation activities in a COVID-19 environment.

Compiled in very tight time frames, the framework is primarily intended to guide the public health and other statutory authorities in decisions regarding the appropriate manner in which to resume outdoor activities.  The document has been submitted for consideration to the Federal, State & Territory Government Ministers and relevant departments.

The framework will hopefully assist the state governments in forming up detailed strategies and clear guidelines for outdoor providers and community groups to follow for COVID-safe operations in the future. We know from research that outdoor activities in natural settings directly contribute to positive benefits in physical and mental health for the Australian community.



COVID-19 Guidance Document for Camps (ACA)

COVID-19 Guidance Document for Camps

With the COVID-19 pandemic beginning to show signs of abating, the time is coming for a possible resumption of camps.

Camps really do offer the most effective way to re-integrate students back into schools and normality, and we know that the camp experience can reduce anxiety, increase efficacy and improve connection to peers and school.

This COVID-19 Guidance Document for Camps has been put together by the Australian Camps Association to help camp managers, staff and camp users think about what will need to be done to ensure the safety of staff and guests alike. It is by no means exhaustive but we hope it helps get the ball rolling.


Business Tips during COVID-19

Business Tips during COVID-19

If you are seeking some tips and practical help during this unprecedented time for your business, click BUSINESS TIPS DURING COVID-19 to access the PDF. Courtesy of Outdoors NSW


Queensland Government

Safe Work Australia


Business Queensland 

Australian Tax Office

Innovation and Tourism Industry Development (QLD)

Queensland Tourism Industry Council

Department of Housing and Public Works (QLD)

Abundance Global / TouchPoint One




The information on this page has been taken from credible sources and is shared with the best of intentions. While we have have done our best to provide the most up to date information, we cannot take responsibility for any person or organisation suffering as a result of using the information shared on this page. It is the responsibility of all organisations to do their research, to comply with all relevant legislation and to be aware of current government advice.

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