Essential Knots

21 essential knots for everyday use indoors or outdoors
By Peter Owen


This compact little reference book includes knots for a wide range of functions, from home to work, hobby to play activities. No knot-tying jargon is used, no baffling technical terms – just simple step-by-step instructions and outstandingly clear line drawings.
Among the knots in this book are:

Overhand knot,
Heaving line knot,
Reef knot,
Fisherman’s knot,
Figure-of-eight loop,
Clove hitch,
Constrictor knot,
Pile hitch,
Highwayman’s hitch,
Waggoner’s hitch,
Timber hitch,
Double-loop knot,
Blood knot,
Square lashing and more!

A Selection of Knots (click to read/download)

The author Peter Owen has designed, written and illustrated over twenty books on a variety of subjects including graphic arts and outdoor pursuits.

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