Thugs in 4WD’s mow down birds

Thugs in 4WD’s mow down birds

Park rangers and holidaymakers distressed

Posted on 16.07.2021

A series of deliberate wildlife kills by people in four-wheel-drive vehicles has re-ignited debate about Queensland’s popular beach-driving pastime.

Witnesses told rangers they saw a four-wheel-drive vehicle from a distance deliberately drive through the flock at Waddy Beach on Fraser Island (K’Gari), killing two birds instantly. Another four died before rangers arrived and two more had to be euthanased.

Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science’s manager of compliance, Michael Devery, was confident it was a deliberate act.

“These birds live on the beach, literally, and they’re quite used to vehicles — and quite a number of vehicles on any day — travelling across the beaches, so they’re quite traffic-wise,” Mr Devery said.

Key points:

  • Rangers are seeking witnesses after a four-wheel-drive vehicle mowed down a flock of birds on Fraser Island, killing eight
  • A similar attack on Bribie Island recently left 11 crested terns dead
  • The incidents have revived debate about allowing vehicles on Queensland’s beaches

Jacqui Street and Russell Varley
ABC News





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